Worms That Reel Them In Hook, Line & Sinker

Believe it or not these are not real worms. They are, however, scented worms. They were invented by an avid fisherman, a man who had been fishing for pretty much forty years all things told. Not being real, slimy worms from the marshes, these worms are made from rubber of all things. The worms are made painstakingly by hand. Fishermen who have been struggling for donkey’s years struggling to reel them in only need to purchase a clump of these unusual worms and place it in a bag for their next fishing trip.

scented worms

Die-hard or never say die fishermen no longer need to exhaust themselves purchasing extra hooks, lines and sinkers in order to attach troublesome and slippery and slimy worms. In actual fact, lures are already pre-rigged with hooks and sinkers. This means that the fisherman can use it straight away. It’s excellent bait for fishermen, old sea salts and greenhorns alike, young and old. And the fish.

How this is possible but apparently they love it. Until they try and nibble on them. And until they’ve been hooked, with line and sinker and all. Not select species of fish but all kinds. Tuna and marlin by any chance? Wonderful bait for bass anyhow. No wonder the fish chow on them. They look so real. Just like the real worm. Measuring just under six inches, they’re ribbed and segmented to look like the real meal deal.

A perfect balance of weight is also achieved, thus alleviating the need for a tired old fisherman having to place additional weights onto his line. No wonder they’re perfect for all species of fish. They come in a variety of colors too. So, that’s the job left to the fisherman. He’s still got to figure out which fish likes what, color or otherwise.