Wednesday, September 14, 2011

EU agrees on a second commitment period. But not alone

During the EU official visit to Australia and New Zealand, Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard clarified that the EU is willing to sign up to a second period under the Kyoto Protocol only if other major emitters will do the same. The launch of a second commitment period gained ground in recent times because it will allow to keep CDM and other Kyoto mechanisms in operation. Strongly supported by developing countries, this option had been refused by developed countries during the last year talks. However, the EU is open to consider an extension of its commitment if U.S. (which is not part to the Kyoto Protocol) and other emerging economies, such as China and India (which have no binding commitments under the Kyoto Protocol) will join such effort in the near future. EU leaders will possibly discuss this proposal ahead of an October meeting of environment Ministers, at which is expected they will define a common negotiating strategy for the next U.N. Conference in Durban.