Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sprint finish

After the demonstrations by civil society held in the week-end with the aim to ask strong actions against climate changes, on Monday, delegates began this last, crucial week. In the morning the two AWGs considered the drafts proposed last Friday. The day was scheduled in contact groups and informal consultations. However, few hours later, the negotiations were suspended on the issues concerning the long-term cooperative action and subsequently on the Kyoto Protocol’s working group (apart from the group on further Annex I emission reductions). The African Group and LDCs, supported by G77 and China, abandoned the consultations asking for more attention on the future commitment of Annex I Parties. The deadlock between developed and developing countries continues to stop the negotiations. The situation was resolved in the afternoon by the President Hedegaard during closing consultations, leading to an agreement to hold informal consultations headed by a minister from a developing and developed country.

Meanwhile a large number of new participants arrived in Copenhagen, among them also a lot of celebrities!

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