Friday, November 6, 2009

Barcelona failure?

A G77-China consultation on Shared vision
Today the Barcelona Talks concluded their work. The aim of the day was to reduce the number of non-papers in order to have a single document for each contact groups. However only the group on "enhanced action" obtained some results, replacing the non-paper n. 48 with the n. 54.
During the two closing plenaries, parties reiterated their negotiating positions. Developing countries expressed frustration about the lack of progress and underlined that in Copenhagen the outcome should include a strong agreement on ambitious targets. They asked to developed countries to commit in a fair, effective and legally binding agreement. However, among industrialized countries, the United States expressed their optimism: during this week parties engaged in serious discussion about the framework of the future agreement and clarified their positions. The last plenary ended at 9.00 pm.
It is quite difficult to describe the atmosphere of this last day. In the corridors there were delegates restless and very busy...the general mood was low and discouraged.
The bulk of the work must be done in this month, before the COP-15...are you ready to play your part?

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